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Obituary for Steven Andrew Shatten

Steven Andrew Shatten, 65, of Filer,Idaho, passed away at home on May 22, 2023 after a short illness.

Steve was a big baby born weighing 13 lbs in Painesville, Ohio and was adopted by Michael Lee Shatten and Arlene Baldwin (Shatten). Steve and his sister Jane (also adopted) grew up in Shaker Heights, Ohio. Steve attended an all boys private school called University School from Kindergarten through 8th grade and was interested in politics, and photography. Steve attended Shaker Heights High School and ran a lawn business with his buddy Jon to make money during the summers. He left Ohio to attend the University of Idaho to study Forestry, this began a lifetime love of the great outdoors.

After leaving college Steve worked as a cook until he moved to Buhl, Idaho and began a 33 year career starting with Green Giant/Pillsbury/Seneca Foods. Steve did everything from drive a lift truck, work in the freezer and later, become a mechanic in the cookers at the plant. Steve was a hard worker who, for 33 years worked 7 days a week 12 hours a day during the corn packing season. Steve was kind with his time and skills and would do friends and families taxes each year. A common sentiment from most anyone that met him was, “How did you learn to do that?”

Steve married Joyce Shatten and they shared 35 years together. During this time they raised two children Dylan Ferguson and William Potter. Steve believed his greatest accomplishment was his family. Steve was not a material person, he was practical, handy and hard working. He believed a man's worth had little to do with what he gained and much more to do with what he gave. Steve gave his time, talent, wisdom and most importantly his love to everyone who met him. He was a friend, a real one, who showed up when things were hard, inconvenient, even dire. He was happy, forgiving and kind. Most importantly his love was returned he was rich with love and respect.

Steve was most passionate about his wife and children but also enjoyed music, friends, and fishing and was most happy when all of them mixed together. He enjoyed deer hunting in Idaho’s wilderness and catfishing at night. Steve was a fantastic cook and he shared that talent, if he fed you, he loved you! He was a world class conversationalist, he could talk to anyone about anything and you could not have a chat with him without walking away having learned something new. He was a storyteller and was famous for his animated bedtime stories, campfire performances, and lipsync shows. Steve finished his career at Cactus Petes as a mechanic and retired a year before his death. Retirement was short lived as illness found him before the fish did.

Steven Shatten was predeceased by his parents Michael and Arlene Shatten.

He is survived by his wife Joyce Shatten and sons Dylan Ferguson (Emilee Ferguson) and William Potter (Natalie Potter), and his nine grandchildren, Lilee Ferguson, Jainee Ferguson, Chief Ferguson, Captain Ferguson, Minnie Ferguson, Pharaoh Ferguson, Hero Ferguson, Chloe Potter and Scarlet Potter.

Services will be held at White-Reynolds Funeral Chapel on April 1, 2023 at 1pm. A private graveside service will be held for family members following the 1pm service at the Filer Cemetery.