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Obituary for Jan Duff

Jan Duff passed away surrounded by family, Wednesday, May 10th, 2023, at her home in Twin Falls, ID. She was 63. She joins her Daddy in Heaven which passed away in 1994. Jan was born in Provo, Utah, on July 28, 1959, to Carl W. Halladay and Belva Joyce Howes Halladay.

Jan grew up in Twin Falls, Idaho. She was the youngest of four girls and they enjoyed music together and even had a family band. She enjoyed going horseback riding and fishing with her daddy. She always called her father by daddy as did the rest of her sisters. They had a Christmas tradition of having one or two families come over for christmas eve and put on a program. Everyone would participate in this family tradition. She and her best friend who lived across the street, would play for hours outside and enjoyed all the general things kids do growing up. Her parents both were exemplary examples of Christ and faithfully taught her the principles that she would cling to her whole life. They taught her to be wise with finances, stay out of debt and be generous when thinking of how to help others. While in her teenage years, she was active in learning Judo and earned a brown belt. She was given a nickname of Judo Jan and was respected by her sensei who taught her. She played the guitar and loved anything that had to do with music.

After graduating from high school, Jan moved to Provo, Utah, to attend Brigham Young University where she met a roommate that introduced her to Curtis Duff in Sacramento at a church fireside. They loved spending time together and going to dances. He fell in love with her cooking from the beginning. Some of his favorite things about her were her personality, beauty, and how non judgemental she was. Plus her humble way of seeing the good in others. They were partners in everything in life and worked hard to be mindful of their finances to achieve the dreams they had. Jan and Curtis have been married for over 44 years. Curtis said " When I heard the church's plan for time and all eternity, I knew it was right. Jan is the best thing that ever happened to me. My everything, very beautiful and my best friend. I told her every day that I loved her so much. She was dedicated to serving all those around her and even cut my hair our whole marriage. I would call her Janey. Before we got married, one time I drove 16 hours from California to see her in Utah, only to drive back the same weekend 16 more hours to get back to work in time. After a short time, I flew to Idaho to get engaged and we were married in the Provo Utah temple on January 4th, 1979."

Jan was the loving mother of two daughters, Jodi and April, who remember her as a strong, positive, honest and compassionate woman who always put others first and saw the good in all people. Jan was a ray of sunshine to all those around her and was known for her positive and happy attitude. She was always firmly committed to the gospel and her family. Jan was the grandmother to three amazing grandchildren (Brison Tilo, Analeia Tilo and Sakima Poutalie) and treated all those who joined her family through marriage as if they were her own children (Romney Tilo and Solo Poutalie) and grandchildren (Sierra Tilo). She was fervently devoted to serving her family and would always put them above her own needs. Jan was a strong pillar of her family. Her daughter said “We always knew we could count on her. No matter what, she was there for us anytime we needed her and she would always make us feel better when we talked with her, no matter how small or large a problem was that we faced.” Her daughter also recalled that “Mom was always so kind to everyone and never held a grudge. She would often say that when someone would do something to upset her, shortly after, she could not remember what they had done. That was how forgiving she was.” Jan was always a huge supporter of her grandkids' sports or extracurricular activities. She would even attend practices often. Her encouragement and support for each individual in her family made a dramatic difference in each of their lives. Her and the family would often go camping and she had a great love for the outdoors and animals.

Jan was a hard worker her whole life and had a love and a gift to work with those with disabilities and worked as a paraeducator in a special education classroom for those with severe disabilities. Her students became as close as family and her daughters grew up with these individuals and her love for individuals was passed on to her daughters due to her Christ like example of how she cared for them. She was fluent in American Sign Language and interpreted frequently throughout her life. The rest of her career she worked in several areas of social service, where she blessed countless individuals as she served them by helping them build a better life.

Anyone that knew Jan, knew that she was a devoted follower of Christ and a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Days before her passing she shared that she always knew that the gospel of Jesus Christ was true. She never doubted that. She embodied the traits of Jesus Christ and sought each day to follow in His footsteps and help others learn of Him through her pure example. Her prayers were powerful because of the faith she had and it showed in the way she was able to bless others' lives through her prayers for them. Jan often shared her testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ but more often than not, it was by her example. She will be remembered as someone who loved the Lord and her family with a dedicated and unconditional love.

She is survived by her husband Curtis Duff, two daughters, Jodi Tilo and April Poutalie, son in law Romney Tilo and Solomona Poutalie, as well as her four Grandkids, Brison Tilo, Sierra Tilo, Analeia Tilo and Sakima Poutalie